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New Lectures for 2024!

Real life gets in the way of genealogy research. A ton of great conferences were on my calendar, but in the end I ended up with attending two in-person and two virtual events. I stayed close to home this year on account of two large home improvement projects. The systems I replaced were original to my unit and were around 22 years old. Not the home improvement projects I wanted, but much needed.

I spent a considerable amount of time this year reviewing Illinois and Michigan Canal records at the Will County Historical Society Museum and Research Center. There are loads of records which provide valuable genealogical data, and they are well worth examining. Lots of correspondence relating to job recommendations, work bids, and steamship tickets for workers to travel from Buffalo, NY to Chicago. This laid the foundation for at least one new program which will hopefully be useful for local researchers.

Looking forward to 2024, I have two new presentations available for booking.

Mixers and Shakers - Tracing Your Bootlegging, Shimmy-Shaking, and Repeal-Seeking Ancestors During and After Prohibition

Temperance advocates celebrated victory when America went dry in 1920. For a short time, the great experiment appeared to curb the ills associated with imbibing alcohol. However, American drinking culture moved to private clubs, home production, and overtly shady acquisition. This program will lead you through an assortment of prohibition and post-repeal day resources which will help demystify your ancestor's relationship with alcohol from 1920-1933. Drink recommendation sessions available by request.

Tracing Irish Immigrants in Illinois and Michigan Canal Records

During America's great canal building boom, it was said that all you needed to build a canal was a pick, a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and an Irishman. Learn how to track down records on early Irish immigrant ancestors living and working in the Illinois & Michigan Canal zone located in Cook, DuPage, Will, and LaSalle counties from 1830-1850.

A calendar of all my upcoming lectures is available on the main page of my website. Registration information and program details are included with each session. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new researchers in the upcoming year!



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