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New Lectures for 2023!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

When I announced my list of new programs last year, I had a feeling the new 'Mixers and Shakers' lecture would be a winner. It proved to be one of the most requested lectures of the year! A close second was 'Unusual Places to Find Births and Naturalizations." I also had several in-person lectures on the calendar this year, with most of them centering on beginning genealogy topics.

Most of the progress I made in research last year was in areas I stumbled upon while assisting library patrons. One interesting question can lead to a whole new avenue of research. Genealogy research is not limited to online searching, so I scheduled a spring research trip to the National Archives in Kew. After a three-year absence from an archival visit, I spent a happy series of days requesting and photographing some great records.

Looking forward to 2023, I have three new presentations available for booking.

Wide World of Passports

Look beyond passports issued by the United States government! In this lecture, we'll examine an array of passports from different countries and time periods, and how to incorporate this information into your genealogical research. We'll also examine lesser-known travel documents and records which contain similar personal details found in traditional passports. Be prepared to dig through online and traditional archives to break through your toughest brick walls!

Maleficarum and Misfortune- Records and Resources for Tracing Accused UK, Irish, and American Witches

For over two centuries, individuals accused of witchcraft did not live by the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” – if you made it to trial, the law heavily presumed guilt. Legal documentation generated from these trials survive for modern-day genealogists. In this lecture, we'll review witch trial records and resources for ancestors in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland from 1500-1717

Discovering Witches: The Real Records and Manuscripts Seen in Movies, Books, and TV Shows

Witches are iconic figures in popular culture. They appear in some of your favorite silver screen and streaming media shows alongside archaic books and strange texts. In this program, we'll uncover the real records and printed resources seen in your favorite shows, what the writers used as inspiration, and how to access historical resources for free from home. Whether you're a hardcore fan or an armchair historian, bring your curiosity and your questions to this program! Also available as a genealogy/history luncheon lecture.

A calendar of all my upcoming lectures is available on the main page of my website. Registration information and program details are included with each session. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new researchers in the upcoming year!



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