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New Lectures for 2022!

As we transition into a third year of the pandemic, live virtual and pre-recorded sessions continue to be popular. Most of the progress I made in research last year was in areas I had put off for a long time - bounty land applications, tracking down records for Indian War ancestors, and investigating a donation of local school records held by my historic preservation commission. We have a nice collection of them digitized and online on Internet Archive, so you should check them out! Additionally, I completed another online course in cocktail making, so you can see where this was the inspiration for a much-requested lecture this year.

Looking forward to 2022, I have three new presentations available for booking.

Mixers and Shakers - Tracing Your

Bartending, Saloonkeeping, and Tavernkeeping Ancestors before Prohibition

Taverns and saloons have been a crucial American institution, and the men behind the bar were the social rock stars of their era. This program will lead you through the pre-prohibition records and resources which will help you add an extra shot of flavor into your research. A live cocktail creation and drink recommendation session available by request.

More than Money and Land - The Evolution of Bounty Land, Military Pensions, and Alternative Records

Bounty land applications and military pensions are useful resources for anyone with a male ancestor of military service age. However, their availability and and conditions for use changed over time. Learn how laws concerning compensation changed over time, how to request records to explore your family's connection to smaller military campaigns and conflicts dating from 1820 - 1916.

Fabulous Frakturs - Documenting Early American Family Life through Folk Art

Pennsylvania Germans have long been renowned for their tremendously diverse, colorful, and often whimsical folk art Frakturs. This program will examine the history of this unique artform, the vital records generated from these items, and how to use them in your genealogy research.

A calendar of all my upcoming lectures is available on the main page of my website. Registration information and program details are included with each session. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new researchers virtually in the upcoming year!



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