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New Lectures for 2021!

As the current year is winding down, I have been going through my pandemic-generated research accomplishments. Much of the in-person research I was looking forward to accomplish this year have been placed on hold due to global events. On the other hand, a series of small clues and a forgotten envelope obliterated a decades old brick wall which had frustrated me to no end. Additionally, I have had great fun scouring through the new catalog items on FamilySearch, pouring through previously unknown resources in my yoga pants and telling all my genealogy friends about it on zoom during virtual game night.

Even in a global pandemic, research continues. Looking forward to 2021, I have three new presentations available for booking.

Unusual Places to Find Births and Naturalizations

Widen your search for birth dates and locations as well as naturalizations from a variety of underutilized resources such as military rosters, consulate applications, voter registrations, cancelled passports, frakturs and much more.  This lecture focuses on both digital and physical resources, so bring your research checklist and see if these resources can help you fill in the gaps in your family tree.

Anna and Her Brothers - Finding Relations When No Family Stories Exist

Unmarried immigrant women living outside the family unit generate a different set of records, which makes piecing together their ancestry more of a challenge.  This presentation examines a combination of family stories, photographs and both direct and indirect evidence to rebuild the journey of an immigrant Czech family in Ohio and Nebraska.

Every Girl Pulling for Victory - Suffrage and Service During the Great War

This lecture examines how the suffrage movement motivated women to perform military and volunteer service during the Great War and how to find local, state, and national suffrage records to tie these stories of service together.

I am looking forward to seeing friends and new faces virtually in the upcoming year!



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